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B2b is “Business to Business Marketing” where businesses tend to build serviceable relationships to pledge everlasting service of their customers.

In other words, when one business offers services, goods, consultations or other business operations to another business or organization to guarantee their constant demands of their services or so. B2B success does not mainly rely on advertisements on radio, TV or social media channels but it completely depends on the quality of the services provided.
B2B relates to different situations, i.e., supplying wireless, telecommunications and data services to companies, providing building materials to government agencies and non-governmental organizations, hiring accounting firm for auditing services, etc.

Early marketing was debuted as “one to one” marketing or what is common known these days B2C (Business to Consumer), options were limited thus marketing was too often implemented personally and directly, e.g. selling eggs to the neighborhood.
Nowadays B2B marketers are depending on using content marketing, along with other various developed techniques that started to emerge in B2B marketing not only to build customer satisfaction but to exceed their expectations.

These trends are about assisting, personalizing and offering immediate fulfillment of clients’ needs. Specifically the following:


Site Personalization

The most common channel, which is efficiently used by B2B marketers, is personalizing their websites.
Customers have always wanted to be provided with the trendiest custom-bespoke services on B2B Marketing websites. This requires a dynamic marketing content, which gives rise to marketing websites to be continually visited. The gains of frequent visits by clients are explicitly shown in one key advantage; that is Google considers website beneficial which meets users’ expectations providing them with their needed services, and that definitely yields to bumping organic traffic and further rankings.
Besides dynamic marketing content, mastering site personalization by providing advanced personalized content to websites is far favorable to audiences. This has been already implemented by Amazon, Google, eBay, Apple, Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, LinkedIin, PayPal, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Groupon, Quora, Netflix, etc.
Future plan:  B2B Marketing businesses are all looking forward to conquering more personalization plans in manageable ways by using customer data to provide better experiences, trying to engage new users with high expectations, breaking into new business apps to better comprehend users’ needs, etc.


Email Marketing

This type has been exploited in order to help one business share deeper interaction with clients. It is a crucial strategy and part of overall business plan. It can boost marketing of one product or service and it is usually considered as an effective marketing tactic.
When clients do not find business emails related to their needs and wants they easily unsubscribe with the channel. This does not necessarily means that this tactic does not work out, it does but it is essential to know how it would be perfectly applicable. As B2B marketers are looking for developing this tactic, here are three fundamental steps to boost efficiency of email marketing:
•    Contacting clients with tailored emails: Cutting-edge emails can be sent to clients in which they feel that the business is more aware of their needs and contacting them personally. This requires tailoring the content of emails to individual groups who seek for specific services, goods, solutions or products.
•    Offers: Trying to update clients with the latest offers, the ones they seek regarding previous interactions between clients and business.
•    Building relationship: Including client’s name in marketing emails, based on his previous interests, complain, questions, or online purchases, is a fruitful way to profitability and building credibility between clients and business.
Additionally, surveys would be sent to clients to be filled out about the business itself or about the users’ interests and complains.



Digital Assisting

Various digital assists including search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Gigablast, Yandex and Google have formulated the best understanding of users’ digital needs yet are still working on enhancing their assistants in this field. This necessity has been emerged when more active users are increasingly conducting voice queries. Although the above mentioned search engines have already developed their digital assisting regarding vocal services, they have still promoting and fostering these services to better grasp the questions and requests of the users who interact with them vocally.


Investing in Online Videos and Instagram Advertising

Online videos: As people are watching commercial videos more across social media platforms rather than the traditional commercial podcasted on TV or other print ads, wherefore B2B marketers are tending to online advertisements as they found it as profitable, if not more, as the TV ads. It is also notable that video advertisements are growing so fast on YouTube and Vimeo.
Instagram Advertising: After a month of its launch, Instagram gained 1 million followers; and after having bought Instagram by Facebook, not only followers are still drastically growing but a tremendous number of advertisers are being attracted due to Instagram high-quality ads. These days e-marketers are being remarkably influenced by advertising on Instagram, what caused that in the first place is the puzzlement of the ads, in other words ads on Instagram give a space to e-marketers to express their creativity and bring their imaginations and new ideas to fruition.
Projection: It is projected that advertising on Instagram will increase in 2016 and ever since, that it will even exceed advertisements on Facebook. Additionally, it is projected that both Twitter an LinkedIn will join this advertising campaign and that the awareness will be increased among e-marketers and B2B marketers to advertise on social media platforms.


Advancing Content Marketing

Over the past few years content marketing was considered as the characteristic standard for any B2B marketing besides being its essence in the digital strategy.
Content marketing has always dealt with analyzing the needs of an audience or audiences in general and this is obviously not pretty enough in order to meet users’ dynamic queries, to drive more sales or to generate more clickable ideas that ultimately gain more followers. Thus, new purposes are meant to be included into content writing for giving it more power; Alongside with branding, maintaining blogs and constantly involving users with social media channels for one business, here are some recommended trendy tips to be used in content: forwarding storytelling, moreover communicating with highly-qualified users, contacting people who shared the same point, linking the two contents to each other and publishing it on LinkedIn, turning content into a video to draw attention of a different group of audiences, turning the content into a pdf and sharing it on search engines, submitting to content communities namely, Blog Engage, BizSugar, Triberr, TribePro, etc.

Future trends: B2B marketers are tending to classify their audiences to small groups depending on specific criteria i.e. gender, age, interests, aspirations, etc. and starting to contacting them focusing on these criteria to guarantee more advance content marketing for their audiences and naturally driving more sales and followers to the business.


Location-Based Marketing

Location-Based marketing is a trendy style of advertising that consolidates wearable technology (particularly smart phones) advertising with location-based services. The use of technology here is to pinpoint costumers’ location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices.
As wearable technology is growing on a regular basis, location-based marketing is also growing since it typically depends on delivering text-messages via phones, especially smart phone.

Location-based marketing is easily offering an enormous opportunity to the digital advertisers who are frequently looking for expanding their strategies. This can be beneficially happened when it comes to advertising events, conventions and exhibitions of the business which customers are interested in and nearby to them as well.

Projection: B2B marketers will rely more on location-based marketing as smart phones are being drastically used, which means that it is expected to receiving more notifications as visiting stores and other businesses that implement this advertising trend.


Programmatic Digital Advertising

It is the use of software to buy digital advertising instead of the conventional methods of having humans do this process, this is applicable by targeting a specific group of audiences and graphics. Programmatic advertising is much represented as the future of online advertising, in other words the future of selling and buying. Furthermore, it is another method to resolve the highly split up market that advertising has become, to maximize the return on investment (ROI) in ad budgets.

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