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Email Marketing & Newsletter Campaigns

Effective email marketing strategy to create a list of your subscribers-

  • Increased open rates with attractive subject lines
  • Elevated click-through rates because of eye-catching newsletter designs
  • We pack up effective emails and strong landing pages to boost complete exchange rates.

Raise Your ROI level with our efficient Email Marketing Strategy

For each app or mobile-friendly website, we go through an intensive planning
process, which focuses on the needs of the user and ensures that their mobile
experience will be conducive to achieving your business objectives.

Raise Your ROI level with our efficient >

Email Marketing Strategy

Part 1 – Research

Target customer Research & Collection of Data

You have to understand the traits of your recipients when it comes to deliver services according to their customs, approach and potential.

Try to collect as much insight as possible about your target audience by your email draft form. Some of the common examples of details you may want consist of business, designation and locality. Ask for only those details that can be used to segment the campaigns because asking a lot of details can substantially reduce the number of prospective signups.

Part 2 – Strategy

Analyze Plans & Targets

When checking the emails, a lot of recipients spend only a few seconds. No matter you are marketing your product or providing beneficial information, you need to decide a single focal point to snatch the eyes of recipients and direct these people towards your action. A lot of irrelevant content and too many do-follows in mail can lead users to stay away from accomplishing the desired goals.

Part 3 – Email Design

We blueprint all of your emails to meet the goals of both you and your audience. With strategic placement of supporting images and strong do-follows, we can enhance your click-through rates.

The strategy behind emails is to attain traffic and generate clicks on site. It is vital to accomplish the prospects of your subscribers and drive conversation by using the landing page which shows the essentials of your email to get the user rely and the campaign.


Part 4 – Optimization

An email that is not relevant to its exact needs and requirements is not liked by anyone to go through. So, we send only relevant emails to your recipients who go further by using logics, partitions and previous user actions. None of the email campaigns can be untouched with the benefits of A/B testing procedures in order to improve and calculate the opened and clicked rates. It will be helpful to ensure that all the newsletters are crafted well to send the data relevant to brand and best processes with which you can create emails which are designed as per customer’s needs.

Part 5 – Drafting & Minute study

In an attempt to ensure that the maximum proportion of the subscribers click on your emails, we will choose the ideal frequency and time to access your customers and get best results.

When it comes to ensure that you are getting the best possible results from your email marketing campaigns, analysis of results and detailed following are important. We ensure that the figures such as click-through rate, open rate, and soft and hard bounce rate are analyzed and followed completely. We can also analyze the complete traffic proportion that is currently converting to real time sales in order to find you out that to what extent your campaign may help you in developing your business.

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