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social media tips

It seems a very hard duty to raise up your business, generate leads and build a brand by using social media marketing. Here we will discuss some tips you can use in order to help you improving your business by using social media channels.

1.    Planning For each Channel

Do you know what the main mistake is when you start using social media marketing? It is starting social media marketing without any plans or strategies.
If you can answer these questions “why are you on social media?” or “what social media platform features your target audience?” So you are in the right way, if not you have to write down clear strategy in cooperation with your team so you can submit it any time. This strategy should consist of mini plans for every channel you want to be active on, such as Facebook , Twitter ,etc..
Keep in your mind to not activate more than three channels of social media to be more effective and successful.
2. Keep Posting
Platforms like Instagram and Snap chat don’t progress as fast as Twitter or Facebook. But you should still develop a routine posting schedule and be consistent.
It is all about your social media marketing strategy, you must be determined:
•    How many times you plan to publish on each social media channel
•    Content type
•    Social media publishing schedule
Remember your followers are likely following hundreds or even thousands of other people. You have to publish unique content to keep your followers eyes on your channels.

3.    Be Picky About What You Share

It doesn’t matter how many post you have published because quality is more important than quantity then you have to pick out the content you want to share carefully, it should have the following   features:-
•    Relevancy
•    Useful
•    Interesting and motivating
Doesn’t trust “suggest” content tools, why?  Because most of times it gives you unrelated content, but sometimes their suggestions are decent. Always be careful to share precious content in order to attract your followers. Also you can share trendy content from well known sites such as Google.
4. Management Tools of social media platforms
Using social media management tools for the various platforms will save time and keeps your productivity. There are many benefits for social media tools but more than enough to make progress:
•    You can post the content for several platforms at the same time.
•    Scheduling posts time and date.
•    Team collaboration.
•    You can check all your platforms from a single dashboard.
•    Track and measure your results
5. Publish More Photos
Publishing photos is one of the most effective types of social media content engagement because they get the most shares on social media platforms like Facebook, as we know there are some platforms mainly working by images; Instagram has the most engagement of any social media channel.
Yes it is difficult to add images to your social media posts but there are tools can helps that can help you to create the perfect size of images which make it fit for all social media channels, such as Canva & Landscape.

6. Pay-to-Play

Do you have a budget for social media marketing? Then it’s the good time for small and startup businesses to grow up rapidly also to become known by followers and competitors, etc.
Google AdWords one of paid advertising tools, in general it costs lower than other platforms which make it more common to the world.
7. Socialize

One of Social Media goal is to be social and engage with other users by interacting with them on a regular basis, don’t be the one who just share links. How many times do you @mention other people or replies on their posts?
Here are the important tips to engage with your audience? Reply to other peoples’ posts even if they doesn’t @mention you, Retweeting, Liking posts, Adding people to Twitter list and @mentions
Two-way posts encourage conversation and communication. So stay away from one-way social media and always when you share a link ask for feedback and opinions and tag people who will reply.
8. Join in on Communities
There are many benefits for joining communities one of them to connect with like-minded people and companies, whether it’s Facebook Groups, Twitter Chats or Google+ Communities, you can use communities as a chance to share your knowledge with others and if you become an authority, the influencers will share your content on their own platforms and websites.
Then keep Looking for communities related to your industry on social media channels which you’re active on, start joining and actively participating.

9. Build Your Own Community
Is your business unique? There aren’t existing communities for your industry then it’s your ideal time to raise up and create your own.
But if your industry has a good amount of people active on a social media channel, do your effort and let them pay attention to your active platforms like Facebook Groups and Twitter Chat.
Some ideas for groups you could start are:
•    Small business group.
•    Groups for people working in the same industry.
•    Groups with other companies related to your industry.
There is a desire for groups, but either nobody thought of the idea or they just didn’t take the effort to put it together. You can be a trailblazer and lead the group.
10. Drive People to Follow Your Company
People will follow your channel for some reasons while there are thousands of choices to follow, so you have to be different to let them focus on you!  For example:
•    Sharing what is behind the scene on Instagram
•    Make an exclusive discount codes for a  specific channel
•    Being always active for supporting customers.
So far you should concentrate your value to the social media channel. Add value for your social media platforms by creating special coupons for your channel customers or have content that’s only on Snapchat so there’s a sense of urgency.

11. Hashtags

Most people are familiar with the basic idea of hashtags but not all of them know how to use it correctly, start searching for popular hashtags if you want to increase your reach and get more impression (notification) on your posts and tweets accordingly add these hashtags to your Tweets and Instagram posts in order to raise up your chance to be shown in search results. Keep in mind not to hit random hashtags cause its ineffective and will not help your posts anyway.

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