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An effective blog post, that strikes impression, is envisioned by all bloggers, who seek to improve their businesses.


Here comes the challenge of finding balance between pulling the reader into solid content and obtaining words able to rank; this requires reflecting on the efforts one can put on when creating content, here are some tips that greatly yield sound results, which are highlightable and absolutely drawing attention by search engines and blog readers.



Brainstorming is an informal way to generate ideas and thoughts about a certain situation, problem, piece of writing, etc. After having done with brainstorming; the outcome will appear into a list of functional words, which can be easily examined into search engines, to find out to what extent  they are related, repetitive, competitive among other related topics; however,  not all the times one can find himself open to creativity that brainstorming implies. In this case the keyword tool “Google Adwords” can subtly help find solution to enrich the keywords used and test their ability to be ranked simultaneously.



Avoiding Redundancy

Recent research have shown that readers resist redundancy in their reading. In other words, they consider lack of variations of words, in any piece of writing, as the authors are showing shallow ideas in their pieces, the motive that causes readers give up reading immediately.
This plainly reveals the significance of using and testing keywords. Formulating keywords not only assigns more options to phrase but avoiding vague notions including long sentences that eventually do not lead to the envisioned role of any writing. This does not mean that using the same keyword more than once demoralizes the whole blog. Repeating keywords is possible as long as relative ideas and clear sentences are being used to support them.
Google considerably helps finding relativity in online contexts, thus, bloggers can optimize their writings to declaim audience properly and meet their needs, aspirations and interests.


Regulating whole topic

Initially, as aforementioned above, it is necessary to brainstorm to get the list of keywords needed to build up a post, nonetheless, keywords are exposed to edit, add or omit while working on the whole topic. In other words, while composing the whole topic several of new keywords, which were not generated when brainstorming, might be added and contextualized as the topic requires. Working mindfully on the whole blog attracts more readers, so does the well formatted blogs. Blog formats and layouts are numerous, namely:
•    Keeping the column width up to 80 characters or less (including spaces). This induces readers to read and go back to same posts.
•    Using lists helps find information fast since readers are looking for solutions in blog posts.
•    Using illustrative images that draw readers. Sometimes, readers tend to read the whole post because of the image.
•    If applying a background to the post, it should be consistent with the font color and allow readers read the post easily.
•    Punctuation (using commas, semi-columns, periods, interrogation points, etc.) and capitalization (using capital letters when it comes to proper nouns, titles, starting a sentence, acronyms, etc.) are recommended in any blog to avoid weariness and form beautifully a meaningful paragraph.
•    Warding off long paragraphs, as they manipulate the content and have less effect on readers.


Depending on Grader Tools

First time bloggers are always gotten along fine with variety of grader websites, those asses the functionality of their works, whether they are presentable or rankable. Some of these tools are: Website Grader, Grade My Website, Moz along with others. They all provide a free analysis of websites, including valuable SEO (Search Engine Optimizers) tips that will help improve site and boost rankings. This process ultimately leads to strengthen the content and increase its readability as well.
The blog, which is aligned with the users’ expectations, stimulates them to visit the website over and over again. Thus, it realizes more improvement in search engine results. This way is effectively fulfilled by writing for SEO, since they are the primary source of traffic to websites, which is called the organic traffic. Writing for SEO designs for extending the blog posts on to the web, which values the content to both search engines and readers. Yoast and Shareaholic are technically designed for optimizing the content and ranking them better into the search engines.

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